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About This Blog

This blog is dedicated to intelligence and national security issues, with some deviations along the way. It is geared to the layman, not the intelligence professional. That is not to say that national security professionals can’t jump in and participate, they are more than welcome. However, there are many professional publications and websites that deal with intelligence and national security that are designed for professionals and hope to have an impact on the actual national security community. What I would like to do is educate or at least expose the average citizen to intelligence and national security issues in all their complexities.

There are many misconceptions about this topic that should be addressed. In recent years there has been significant misinformation about these issues that have created a less knowledgeable public. These need to be corrected.

Why try to familiarize the general public with these complicated issues? Because a well educated public, or at least knowledgeable can make better decisions, especially at the voting booth where it counts. In the end we, and our sons and daughters are sent to war based on these issues. They fight and either live or die based on these issues. I believe the public should understand these issues and have an input. After all, they pay the price more so than the politicians who send them off to war.

I will endeavor to keep partisan politics out of this blog. As a result, I will likely offend everyone whose preconceived notions are not supported. However, I am looking for civil discussion, an exchange of ideas. I will not always be right, and I will not necessarily support all the ideas put forth on this blog, but I believe that a discussion of various views and ideas is a healthy and necessary thing.

About Me

I am a retired intelligence professional with 28 years of experience in the field. I have served in numerous positions domestically and overseas, and have been involved with intelligence and national security from the bottom rung as an intelligence collector to the senior levels directly supporting U.S. policy makers.

Thank you for visiting the site and welcome. I hope you enjoy.

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